Data visualisation = data analysis + graphic design

On Day 1 of Ann’s training, we took away 2 key lessons learned….

1) Data should be presented in a way that the viewer can understand and enjoy it. ECD trainees were taken through a 5-step design process to improve their interpretation and presentation of data. It is amazing what one can do with: 1 sketching & drafting; 2 reducing clutter; 3 labeling; 4 color; 5 title & subtitle. 

Click here to read more about each step and begin editing your own charts. You can use this Data Visualisation Checklist as a guidance document.

2) When presenting data to a client/audience in e.g. power point, it is most effective to share one piece of data at a time. Ann calls this Storyboarding – presenting one piece of the chart at a time, piecemeal, to allow for maximum understanding, knowledge retention, and ultimately use.

See below for an example of storyboarding. Here you can find a step-by-step rundown to start making these videos yourself.



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