Putting visualisation skills into practice #3 – Colour with Instant eyedropper

How do you choose COLOUR in your reports and graphs?

There are two options: you can either decide to choose colour randomly using the programmes default colour schemes, or you can let your CLIENT’S COLOUR SCHEME guide you in your choice.

logo_tasoExample: ECD project is currently facilitating an Evaluation Practice Project. Two ToT evaluators are carrying out an evaluation for TASO (The AIDS Support Organisation). Let me use this example to show the effects of client-focused colour choice on your graphs, and ultimately, on the quality of your presentations.


Read further for a Step by Step guide on how to identify your clients’ colour codes and how to use them for your visualisations/reports. You can also download it from our Materials page.


As usual, please critique, comment and share your visualisations!


3 thoughts on “Putting visualisation skills into practice #3 – Colour with Instant eyedropper

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